Our Jewelry Designs Are Truly Unique

We bring you only the unique, custom made, or limited-edition jewelry items crafted by master craftsmen from around the world.

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At Exorti, you would only meet the most unique jewelry artisans that brings the most exquisite designs to the world.

It could be a jewelry piece designed by an artisan in Valenza, where the gold craftsmanship was passed down for generations, A piece of jewelry from a French designer that is inspired by the beauty and mystery of Paris, their history rich with tales of nobility and wealth, A designer from India who boasts for a legacy of 5000 years and with generations of family knowledge or a piece from Africa with local African materials of diverse form and color and by many other artisans from every part of the world who creates something exquisite and unique

Our Founders

Eranjan comes from a family of gem and jewelry dealers from India & Sri Lanka who has been in the business for the past 40 years. His father Sombhunath Parua who has been a Gem dealer from India, came to Sri Lanka in the 1970s looking for the treasures of Ceylon which is ones known as the Pearl of the Indian ocean. Sri Lanka has been always renowned for its sapphires, pearls and, magnificent Rubies.  

From his childhood he has been exposed to the gem and jewelry industry.  He remembers the visits to the gem mines in different parts of Sri Lanka, where his father picked up the highest quality of gems to supply to his clients, who his father picked and choose to show his precious findings. He had an exclusive clientele mostly expatriates living in the island and their friends and families, contacts he made from personal introductions contacts who valued the uniqueness and exclusivity.   

The most important and valuable lesson he learned from his father was honesty, the ethical practices and the value system that lives and sustained within this closed-door industry.  

Eranjan was introduced to the North American Diamond industry by their business associates whilst he was completing his higher education in the US. He has experience in e-commerce channel management by working with some leading diamond & jewelry dealers in the Diamond District in NYC.  

 Thanuja is the co-founder of Exorti as well, Eranjan wife, joined the family gem and jewelry business in 2012.  She co-founded exorti.com with Eranjan bringing in her 15 plus years of experience in Customer service & operations.  

Her introduction to North American jewelry industry was also through the NYC Diamond district where she has been working for a leading fashion & fine jewelry provider to some of the leading jewelry retailers in the US. She’s well experienced in key clients handling locally as well as internationally. 

Today complementing each other’s different skill sets, knowledge, and experience Thanuja & Eranjan is introducing Exorti.com – a unique online marketplace for one of a kind designer jewelry from around the world mainly to the North American jewelry enthusiasts using the latest technological tools in this digitalized era.