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 Natural 2.5 carat Blue Sapphire and Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in 18k White Gold

Introducing Exorti’s very own hand crafted fine Jewelry collection.

You will only meet the most unique jewelry Artisans from around the world, bringing you the most unique designs that will make your hear skip a beat.

At Exorti you will only meet the most unique Jewelry Artisans, that brings the most exquisite designs to the world.

Our Jewelry Designs are One of a Kind

We bring you only the unique, custom made, or limited-edition jewelry items crafted by master craftsmen around the world 

Hand crafted just for you! That is our promise !

Featured Collection

We promise that there will be that one piece that will call your name every time you shop with us

We believe the most unique jewelry pieces are crafted by master jewelry craftsmen’s usually might have never heard of. The designers are often overlooked. to your surprise most famous and stunning designs and creations are crafted somewhere in the far corner of the world hidden away.

Whilst they are curating their best jewelry designs, We at Exorti promise to give them an online platform to showcase their masterpieces to the world. We are giving them a space to tell their stories.

Thanu and Venu profile picture - exorti founders

Meet the Founders

Exorti.com is curated by a family who has been in the brick and mortar jewelry store for the past 45 years, the second generation of the Parua family together Russel & Chris of Responsible Solutions Ltd,  A advisory and consulting practice in Silicon Valley, have come up with one of the most exclusive spaces in the internet to sell your jewelry.

Once upon a time jewelry

Every natural stone has a history. It could be the time that it has spent with man or the time it is waiting to be discovered. Either way it builds its own character. Many gem stones is is set to be as old as the planet itself and its vibrant and exuberant as you are.  Out of the billions of stones you find one as unique as you are. That is why it is Exorti’s promise to give you a gem stone or a piece of jewelry which is like no other. 

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