A piece of Italian jewelry is much more than just an elegant choice of adornment for discerning individuals. The ‘Made in Italy’ tag in jewelry carries such distinguished heritage that dates back to 700 BCE, the intricate design influenced by the Greek and Roman empire, the mix of ancient craftsmanship and modern technology, the quality of materials and so much more.

Master artisans who create distinguished pieces of Italian jewelry adhere to certain techniques. Manufacturing gold for those one-of-a-kind earrings, bracelets and more by hand started with wrapping a gold sheet around a metal rod until it reaches ideal thickness. Then, the artisans will twist, hand-hammer and coil to mold a perfect shape waiting to be modeled further into a final product.

Making a piece of gold can be so complicated that an experienced craftsman can manufacture only 30 cm of 18K gold chain in a day. Currently, Italian artisans seek to combine such ancient techniques with innovative materials such as titanium alloy, which is widely used in an aerospace industry, to exceed themselves in the most creative of ways.