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Aviyanka by Exorti

Designs by Exorti is a personal collection by the founders of Exorti.com which comprises of finely crafted traditional and contemporary jewelry designs by master craftsmen from Sri Lanka. We believe that the jewelry of the highest quality is precious and will be pass on to generations to come. Eranjan the Founder of Exorti comes from a family of gem and jewelry dealers from India & Sri Lanka who has been in the business for the past 40 years. His father Sombhunath Parua who has been a Gem dealer from India, came to Sri Lanka in the 1970s looking for the treasures of Ceylon. Sri Lanka has been always renowned for its sapphires, pearls and magnificent Rubies. The name “Aviyanka” was inspired by our youngest daughter “Radha Aviyanka Parua”, to stay true to the name, the collection is created by highly curated gemstones which is ninety five percent mined from Sri Lanka.

Handcrafted by the best

And we promise to bring these exquisite, one of a kind precious stones to the world and to our customers, to pass on to generations to come. All the master pieces in our collection are handcrafted by Artisans at Exorti Inc, in the hill town of Kandy in Sri Lanka.